>Brooks Tire Repair There are stories and then there are legends. What Brooks Laich did on the Roosevelt Bridge after losing game seven is the latter. The Brooks Tire Repair shirt is the uniform of gentlemen and gentleladies across the DMV. When to wear this shirt: In moments of chivalry and good citizenship. Helping an old woman across the street, throwing your jacket on top of a puddle so that your date doesn't get wet (sidebar: has that ever really happened?), pulling out chairs, easy on the swears. You don't have to do any of that stuff, but if you're being polite and articulate and/or are a good two-way forward, this is the shirt for you. View this shirt >>Scoar Moar Goals My favorite. We've been saying SCOAR MOAR GOALS so much, we've even got the Captain saying it now. S.M.G. is the rallying cry for a team that really could be putting 6-7 goals up on the scoreboard every night. When was the last time anyone got free wings anyway? When to wear this shirt: For starters, always. But specifically, this one looks good when the Caps are up two goals and they seemingly forget there's a net at the other end of the ice. That doesn't happen much anymore (the being up two goals thing), so how about you wear this next time we're high-fiving at a Front Page viewing party? View this shirt >>Super 8 There are two Ovechkins. One is a shy, well-meaning momma's boy with the weight of the world on his shoulders. The other is a manic, goal-scoring, belly-patting superhero. The Great Eight t-shirt celebrates the latter. When to wear this shirt: Under your work clothes. In the middle of a your mid-morning meeting, pretend your heard something from very far away. Stand up abruptly, make an awkward or vague excuse, and then rush out the door. Rip your shirt open and then... well you'll have to figure it out from there. Disco? Shirts designed by Ian Oland. "Holtbeast" illustraton by Rachel Cohen."/>

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